Welcome to South Cheatham Little League

Opening Day is April 12th. Kids arrive by 11:45 am to start lining up.

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Coaches keys and contacts below

South Cheatham Coaches Key

Burns Coaches Key



Call the numbers below depending if you have questions on Teeball, Baseball, Softball, or just league questions

Position Name Contact #
President Lance Perkins 615-500-8075
VP of Baseball Jerry Penrod 615-425-6542
VP of Softball Keith Allgood 615-347-1136
VP of Tee-Ball Emily Neely 615-496-4955

Please call 615-500-8075, or email for other questions lp37143@gmail.com

Want to become an Umpire at SCLL? Call Dale Baker at 952-5272 or 428-1053