Welcome to South Cheatham Little League

Great season for South Cheatham Little League. Thanks to all the kids, parents, coaches, and volunteers on making SCLL 2014 a success. Look for signups late in January for 2015.


Call the numbers below depending if you have questions on Teeball, Baseball, Softball, or just league questions

Position Name Contact #
President Lance Perkins 615-500-8075
VP of Baseball Jerry Penrod 615-425-6542
VP of Softball Keith Allgood 615-347-1136
VP of Tee-Ball Emily Neely 615-496-4955

Please call 615-500-8075, or email for other questions lp37143@gmail.com

Want to become an Umpire at SCLL? Call Dale Baker at 952-5272 or 428-1053